Learn how To Leverage Your Technology To Increase Productivity & Employee Retention 

Watch this 4-minute Video To Learn:

  • How to choose the right change consultants. 
  • ​Consulting programs to achieve measurable results
  • ​How digital technologies improve staff retention and productivity
  • ​How you can quickly access government funding, to get up to $15,000 back on our consulting fees. 

Here’s what others have to say about our
Digital Adoption Program

"Working with PACE helped to focus our cross-functional Innovation Working Group on what “innovation” meant to Yamana Gold, in order to be better able to communicate it to our sites, develop effective pathways for feedback, and present and develop options for innovation to our site leadership teams."

Chris Burgess
Innovation Lead

"Not only did working with PACE enable us to tackle improving a huge process within our organization, their use of digital tools and their skill in virtual facilitation made the work fun and we accomplished so much work in such a short period of time. Working together digitally fully engaged the team and connect all our ideas and experience together so we could transform our process."

Suzanne Marchand, VP,
Human Resources

"Trying to continue to do our work and move our organization forward when everyone could not be together was so simple and fun with PACE. Their digital facilitation and use of virtual tools allowed us to have deep conversations and truly engage everyone to share their thoughts and ideas. We have a large change we are planning for and being able to see it online and work through it together even though we weren’t together was such a great experience."

Shannon Ketchabaw,
Executive Director

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